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Southern States Subaru of Raleigh at 2511 Wake Forest Road in Raleigh, North Carolina

Southern States Subaru of Raleigh in 2511 Wake Forest Road, North Carolina: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.

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2511 Wake Forest Road,
Raleigh, North Carolina
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Phone: +1 888-439-5154

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Reviews about Southern States Subaru of Raleigh

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    I have documentation, from the dealer, for everything I am about to write. One of the sales people and I came to a deal on a new vehicle that included my trade in. 30 seconds before I was set to pay a deposit securing the deal, the price magically went up by $3,000. Not $32, not $132, but $3,000. I spoke to the GM and he wouldn't even look into it. He ultimately had his lawyer contact me. That is not an argument I'm going to win despite my overwhelming evidence of a deal. Stay away. There are plenty of places you can buy a car from. You don't need this type of a headache.
    by Rob Hess
    March 09, 2018
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    You can immediately tell that this dealership is unprofessional and disorganized by the three different domains they're using for email--in addition to many of the employees using personal Yahoo and Gmail addresses!!! I brought a 2017 Subaru in for service along with an appointment I had made the week before. The very basic oil service took a little over three hours. I waited in the "customer lounge" for the first two hours all while hearing harrowing stories from the other customers waiting. While that should have been my signal to immediately revoke my agreement to allow them to service my vehicle, I dismissed their complaints as people who abuse and neglect their cars. I was very wrong. After the service, I paid the $61 and was advised that the low beam LED is not serviceable and that the entire headlight had to be replaced for that; that is a ~$1,200.00 job (with the stealership markup). So if you're considering any Subaru with LED headlights, consider this little token of bad design. I realized that the car was leaking oil into my garage floor and driveway. So, I tried calling the service manager and the general manager--as you do. No reply. So, I took the car back to the dealership. They recognized the problem and allegedly fixed it. After the car sat in my garage overnight, it continued to leak oil. Over the next few days, I made more attempts to contact the same people as before. No reply. I sent an email to the general manager (Brian M.) with a tracking pixel. The email was viewed many times but received no reply. I also delivered the letter in person and recorded the delivery. After all this nonsense, I took the car back a third time and by a miracle of the sweet baby Jesus, they found that the original service technician left the original crush ring in and installed a second one. Now... If a service technician flubs-up something as simple as an oil change, what else can they have screwed-up on in the past? After all this, I requested the dealership refund 50% of the service and go 50-50 on the oil cleanup in my garage and driveway. This was ignored in the same fashion as before. I submitted a BBB complaint, and am now requesting the entire service amount to be refunded and the full amount for the oil cleanup and have received this sardonic, borderline racist reply from the service manager, Jamie H.. This is by no means isolated as the service manager, Jamie H., has an established record on replying to BBB complaints in a sardonic and racist way. Clearly, this dolt does not realize these are all public records that cannot be deleted on a whim. Consider Johnson Subaru of Cary over this circus of an operation.
    by MA Milián
    July 16, 2017
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Southern States Subaru of Raleigh is located at 2511 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, North Carolina.